A new look at our DNA

Modern wave genetics is a key area to watch out for. This is one experience which will go a long way in proving a lot of metaphysical stuff, like telepathy, healing affirmation methods, human body response to colours and crystals, effects of electro magnetic waves in restructuring human organs, etc.
Each human carries within his body a microchip, which we call the DNA, present in each and every cell. This high-powered chip is a technically high-speed molecule of matter with three Gigabit storage capability. Its function, as now proved by scientists, is to take in information, electro-magnetically, from the environment, store it, and emit it when required, by changing its code.
The DNA, a spirally wound piece of a cell can be stretched out to a length of about two metres. It is known to oscillate at a frequency of 150 megahertz. Coincidentally, or by Divine design, this is the exact range of frequency which humans use for telecommunications, and microwave engineering.
Obviously then, the DNA can store all harmonic waves of 150 megahertz, which would logically include visible light. When the radiation of the DNA was examined, it was found to emit a blue colour, relating to the 22nd octave of the 150-megahertz vibration.
Another strange coincidence is that our own world appears to be a sky blue, when seen from anywhere in the Universe. This is because when the sun’s rays hit the Earth, the solar radiation is broken up in such a way that the sky appears to be a beautiful blue. So underneath the various colours of the human skin of all races, the blue radiation pervades.
Scientists, probing the light wave absorption and emission of its radiance found that it acted like a communicator to other wave forms in the atmosphere around it. That led them to look further and discover that this DNA could probably be further manipulated by electro-magnetic radiation.
Now Western scientists had all along looked at the DNA as a protein producer, as a biochemical function of major propensity. A Russian scientist, Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, biophysicist and molecular biologist could not accept this limited version of the function of the DNA, which, according to him, only explains about 10 percent of what the DNA’s functions are. The other 90 percent was considered the silent part of it.
He thought that the genome could not be understood fully, if only exclusively looked at through the eyes of biochemists. Orthodox dogma had prevented Western scientists from actually being objective enough to take into account certain scientific observations, which they thought were not accurate enough to be so noted.
The Russian scientists have brought to light revolutionary realizations, which expand our understanding of human genetics, to include certain metaphysical beliefs, which only needed this kind of proof to show their existence as spirituality being the highest form of science!
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