The Poisoning of Humanity Part one

The Poisoning of Humanity

Part one

I am a doctor of Internal Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. I have been in practice for 18 years. Being naturally inclined to thirst after knowledge, I have continued to read, study and expand my horizons. Not satisfied with Medical Textbooks alone, I also have extensively delved into Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Environmental and Functional Medicine.
When I was sixteen years old, I got my first root canal and filling. My father took me to the best dentist in town and I came back sporting two amalgam fillings. I had no idea then, that amalgam was more than 50% mercury. A few months later I had the first sinus infection of my life. I made no corelation with the fillings. Over the years there was a gradual almost imperceptible decline in my health. I would get up in the morning, tired, unrefreshed. I felt vaguely achy. I attributed it to overwork and stress and continued to push myself. Then I developed headaches. In my study of Environmental Medicine, I learned that Amalgam was 50% Mercury and was toxic, I still did not make the connection with my health. I thought vaguely that someday I would have the amalgams taken out but not yet. To get it done right cost thousands of dollars.
Then I read Hal Huggins book Uninformed consent and there, in between the pages of his book was me! I was finally motivated to do something. I sought out a biological dentist and in a single setting had all the amalgam removed. The next morning, for the first time in 20 years, I woke up refreshed as I used to feel in my childhood. No aches, no pains, no fatigue and no more headache.
Mercury is the most toxic heavy metal on the planet. Even in the so called bound form in amalgam, it vaporizes, it leaches, it travels to the brain, the heart, the thyroid, the liver, the kidneys, the connective tissue. It was first put in use in the 1800’s. Leukemia was first reported a few years after amalgam was put into widespread use as a dental filling material. It is curious that with all the strides that were made, in the field of Medicine and Dentistry they continued to use this material. Amalgam is treated as a toxic waste after it is removed from the fillings. It is treated as a hazardous material by the dentist and his staff. Yet it is apparently OK to put it into peoples mouths. Many dental offices let the water with the removed amalgam just wash into the sewer system after which it ends up in our rivers and oceans.
Dr. Huggins says that Hypertension and Heart disease are actually caused by heavy metal poisoning from mercury. The body tries to marginalize the mercury by raising the cholesterol levels and closing the mercury off in plaques that line the arterial walls. So, Hyperlipidemia is a symptom not the disease itself according to him. There is plenty of evidence that heavy metal chelation for heart disease works. Many cardiologists have now got into the act whereas before only maverick doctors were performing heavy metal chelation. If there was no heavy metal there in the first place, then why would chelation work?
But, that is not all. Mercury was and is also being used as a preservative for vaccines, eyedrops etc. Under the name thimerosol. Who would have guessed? Name changing is a wonderful thing. You can hide a lot of poisons if you just change their name. MSG becomes natural flavor, mercury becomes amalgam etc etc. After the State of California banned the use of thimerosol in vaccines, their Autism rate declined.
As for me, I am grateful that biological dentists exist. I am grateful to wake up in the morning and feel like a sixteen year old. I have no anger and I harbor no hatred for the time in my life that I lost to sickness and pain. Pain motivated me to question authority, to look deeper, beneath the superficial and search out the Truth.

A New Perspective on Ancient Systems of Healing

by Aruna Bakhru M.D.,F.A.C.P.
I grew up in India where several systems of healing coexisted and still coexist peacefully side by side. My parents would take us to whichever practitioner they thought was right for whatever ailed us. It was like this great river of healing that was always flowing and you could dip into it as and when you needed. I chose to become a Doctor of Allopathic Medicine because that was the established scientific paradigm. Throughout my education and my Residency in Internal Medicine, I studied the scientific method . Now, after being in practice for 20 years and having actively studied many other alternative systems for the last 15 years, I have come to the realization that many of the alternative systems are equally if not more scientific and sophisticated than the current paradigm.
The problem lies, not in the systems themselves but rather in our understanding of those systems. Even though quantum physics has progressed and is currently in the new paradigm, human thought as well as our current system of medicine is still existing in the nineteenth century. An example is the use of mercury (amalgam) fillings which were first introduced in 1832 and still continue to be used in defiance of all the research that proves that mercury is a known poison that shuts down many of the bodies defenses and has been demonstrated to out vaporize from fillings. Another, is the use of Thimerosal (the mer stands for mercury and how many of you knew that?) As a preservative in eye drops, vaccines etc. The effects of chronic low grade poisons occurs years down the road, so it takes a keen, scientific and open mind to acknowledge the effects. The human mind is a funny thing. It does not believe that anything exists unless it can touch, see or smell it. Yet, we know that electricity exists because we turn a switch and the light comes on. Have you ever watched a pot of water boil? The water molecules begin to move faster and faster until they disappear. The water has turned into invisible vapor. Similarly, an atom of uranium transforms into an atom of thorium by emitting an alpha particle. To form sodium chloride, an electron from sodium is transferred to the chloride. Quantum physics has proved that the very act of observing changes what is observed. So, you cannot have objectivity in the old way, yet that is what we rely on.
There is a new paradigm emerging. Rather, I should say, the new-old paradigm. For, this is the paradigm that the ancient systems of Medicine – like Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Mayan cultures and other ancient cultures were based upon. This new paradigm is the paradigm of Electromagnetic Medicine. People say that change happens in small increments. I disagree, I think that change happens in paradigm shifts, when the mind set as a whole of a critical mass number of people changes. There is a flow of energy that is taking place all the time in the human body. The ancient chinese called this energy Chi and the pathways it flowed on, meridians. In Ayurveda, this energy is known as Prana and the pathways it travels on, marmas.
The Sanskrit word for mind is mana, the word for the heart is also mana. So, according to ayurveda, the mind exerts a great effect upon the heart. In Ayurveda, there are three doshas, that lie at the mind body interface. Vatta, pita and kapha. They exert their different effects upon the body and they are affected in turn by emotions, environment, nutrition, vibrations etc.
Dr. Candace Pert is a researcher of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center. Her research has shown that emotions and memories are carried on peptides to different receptors on various cells and organs of the body. The more negative the emotion, the more the energy is going to be blocked at the cellular level. Now, in Ayurveda, prana is synonymous with the mind and also with the breath. So, if one nostril is blocked for instance, it is indicative of blocked energy that needs to be corrected before it manifests as disease. Irregular breathing is the sign of a disquiet mind, that again will lead to disease. Ayurveda, places emphasis on pranayama or breathing exercises to help clear energy blocks. As, a matter of fact Yoga is more than just a stretching exercise. It helps bring the mind under control, clear energy blocks, massages internal organs and promote lymphatic flow etc The current trend in Medicine today is to treat the body as if the mind does not exist and the mind as though the body does not exist. We are one large healing loop. Disease is partly due to burying emotions or denying them. Our bodies are a super highway of internal information at the molecular level. The body in its wisdom tries to send us signals and we suppress them and drown out its voice. Like taking an H2receptor blocker when the body signals dyspepsia in response to a food that it is rejecting.
Disease is diagnosed by the Chinese and Ayurvedic physician by the use of clinical examination. Pulse diagnoses ( that is a means of detecting the energy flow ), tongue, skin, breath, extremity, urine examination etc. Treatment uses several steps. The first and most important step is detoxification or Panchakarma. Now, I am a Doctor of Internal Medicine, and I am trying to rack my brains and no matter how hard I rack, I am unable to come up with a single example of detoxification in Medicine except for the methods used in acute poisoning. I am talking about the routine detoxification to clear the channels of the body so that energy may flow freely. All disease in Ayurveda happens because of the accumulation of toxins in the body usually in a base of mucous known as Ama. So for example, the accumulation of Ama in the joints will cause arthritis. Various methods are employed for this, like yogic postures, panchakarma, herbs etc. There are various herbs used for different conditions that unlike our 20th century drugs which block biochemical pathways, these herbs cooperate with the body in its effort to heal itself.
Gemstones, crystals are said to hold and transmit energy. Crystals are used in radio transmitters so you cannot deny that they do transmit energy. Homeopathy is another elegant healing system that uses the power of vibration to effect healing. So, Homeopathic remedies have only an energetic or vibrational imprint of something and this energy if it is the right one will cause the cells of the body to start vibrating in harmony with itself and thus effect seemingly miraculous healing.
Sound therapy or the use of Mantras also are based on the power of vibration. I have personally used tuning forks on painful knots of muscles to see the knot and the pain dissolve before my eyes. Sound healing is currently used in Medicine to disintegrate kidney stones. Ultrasound is used in diagnosis and physical therapy. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are currently used in Orthopedics to heal non uniting fractures. Now, I am not negating traditional medicine, rather I am trying to say that we need to open our minds to all the healing modalities that are available to us. If you have a blood pressure of 160/100 you had better go on anti hypertensive medication unless you would like to invite a stroke or a heart attack. However, high blood pressure is not from a deficiency of anti hypertensive medication. However, it could be from a magnesium deficiency. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will also provide the potassium that is needed to keep the BP down. The mind and personality again have a role to play. Dr. Hal Huggins says High blood pressure could be from heavy metal toxicity from the amalgams in your mouth. A serious allegation but one that has merit in my mind. I have read his books and his research and it needs to be taken seriously. Many cardiologists are now performing chelation therapy with EDTA for heavy metals. Why would that help if heavy metals were not there in the first place? So, they are there. Studies now show that heart disease possibly originates from the bacteria in your gums and Dr. Huggins says these bacteria multiply because the mercury overwhelms the bodies defences. It is now undisputed research that heart disease originates from the mouth. It is only a matter of time before the whole truth comes out. Again, traditional healing methods have a lot to offer here. Traditional methods of healing and detoxification will help to keep healthcare costs down and offer a better quality of life as well.

An introduction to the principles and practice of energy medicine

By Aruna Bakhru,M.D.,F.A.C.P.
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Energy Medicine was known and practiced by almost all the ancient great civilizations and is now being newly rediscovered by the West. Biomedical research is now moving in the direction of a new model for the human body, the Energy field model. This is the same model that the ancient civilizations of China and India based their philosophy and their medical systems upon. (The Ayurvedic and Yogic systems, the Acupuncture meridians etc.) This new model moves
away from the premise that life came from chemical soup towards the concept that life came from electrical charges of energy i.e. physics rather than chemistry. At the basis of chemistry we find energy, electromagnetic or other forms of energy.
One of the basic premises of these energy based medical systems is that there is a circulation of energy in the body that follows an orderly path along the meridians. This energy is known as chi or prana. We already have proof of the existence of electrical fields e.g. EKG, EEG etc. In addition to the circulation of energy, there is a force field of energy in and around a human body similar to the field around a magnet. This field can be impacted positively or negatively and it can be seen by certain sensitive individuals. It is also known as the aura. It generally extends a little beyond the body hence the term Dont invade my space, if someone stands a little too close for comfort.
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Living a life of balance, an introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine

Excerpted from Dr. Aruna Bakhru’s upcoming book entitled “The Guru Principle”
Ayurveda is an ancient and holistic system of medicine, which originated in India more than five thousand years ago. The word Ayu means life (span) and Veda means knowledge i.e. knowledge of life or the science of life. One of the basic tenets of Ayurveda is that life is meant to be lived in balance and in harmony with nature. Illness happens when we move away from a life of balance to excesses or deficiencies of any kind, whether it is the way we eat, sleep, work, exercise, think or feel. Ayurveda believes that one has to live in harmony with the seasons, the time of day, the place you live etc.
According to Ayurveda, people are divided into different body types and if you follow the diet, purification routines, exercises, etc. specific for your body type you can correct many of the problems you may be suffering from.
Ayurveda places a great deal of emphasis on the mind. According to Ayurveda many of our physical problems and imbalances are first created in the mind. Unlike western medicine, which has divorced the mind from the body, Ayurveda says they are seamlessly connected and each affects the other. The place where the mind and the body connect is the place where matter interfaces with energy.
The three Doshas of Ayurveda:
According to Ayurveda, the doshas lie at the place where the mind connects with the body. If the mind and the body are not coordinated, an imbalance is created in the Doshas.
There are three Doshas and they are as follows:
1. Vata corresponds to Air.
2. Pitta corresponds to fire.
3. Kapha corresponds to water.
Each and every person has all the three doshas or principles to varying degrees, but usually one or other is dominant. i.e. if you are a Vata type then the Vata principle is dominant. This is important because your body type governs how you should live and what you should eat to maintain a life of balance.
Vata Dosha:
Corresponds to air, ether.
Function is movement, breathing, and circulation.
Emotions are fear, anxiety, and pain.
Seat of Vata is in the colon, pelvis etc.
The Vata constitution is thin, tall or too short, bony joints, thin eyelashes, sunken eyes, bent nose, variable appetite, tends to constipation, poor sleep, creative, restless, alert, poor willpower and tolerance. Cold hands and feet.
Pitta Dosha:
Corresponds to fire and water.
Function is metabolism, digestion, absorption and assimilation.
Emotions are anger, hatred and jealousy.
Seat of Pitta is stomach, small intestine and blood.
Pitta Constitution is medium build, premature graying, medium sleep, warm hands and feet, short tempered, intelligent and ambitious.
Kapha Dosha:
Corresponds to water and the earth.
Function is that of cementing material of the body, connective tissue, joint lubrication, and memory retention.
Emotions are greed, attachment, envy, forgiveness, calmness and maternal emotions.
Seat of Kapha is chest, sinuses, ears, nose, throat area, joints etc.
Kapha constitution is solid build, slow, deliberate, good strength and endurance, prolonged sleep, obese, calm, forgiving, loving, greedy and possessive. They are slow to grasp information but once they do they retain it i.e. good memory retention.
According to Ayurveda, the imbalance or disease may originate in the mind in the form of some negative emotion, which affects the doshas, and in turn the body or, it may originate in the body and then affect the mind. Diet and environment are the key causes here affecting the doshas, which in turn can affect the mind. We saw earlier that Vata is connected to fear and anxiety, Pitta to hate and jealousy and Kapha to greed and possessiveness.
Western medical science has not recognized the importance of the relationship between the immune system and the gut. Only now are some people beginning to recognize and label the “leaky gut syndrome” as being the cause of many diseases. Ayurveda recognized this connection five thousand years ago when it talked about disease being caused by accumulation of toxins or “ama” as a result of impairment of the “Agni” (the process of digestion and assimilation). If the agni does not function properly, then the ama accumulates in the intestines and leaks into the circulation and subsequently accumulates in other parts of the body clogging them, impairing their resistance and immunity and causing disease of that organ.
Imbalanced emotions also cause disease by impairing the agni and therefore the immune system. In the Bhagwad Gita, the Lord tells Arjuna that He Himself has become the digestive fire or Agni in the human body, serving to illustrate the importance of agni. I.e. it is the Lord’s energy, which is powering the digestive system and thus all the metabolic processes and also strengthening the immune system. Disrespect of your digestive fire by eating the wrong foods or an imbalanced lifestyle is disrespecting the Lord within you and inviting disease.
The Ayurvedic physician usually performs a detailed history and physical examination. The examination includes but is not limited to pulse diagnosis, examination of the tongue, facial diagnosis including the lines and wrinkles of your face, your lips, eyes. Examination of the nails and hair, examination of the urine, feces, sweat etc. examination of the mind and emotions. He may also check your astrological chart as this may predict disease proneness. Modern medicine treats the body as though it is a machine with various parts and each part is treated by a different specialist. The problem with a machine is that you can repair it with spare parts. The human body on the other hand functions as a whole. An Ayurvedic physician tries to assist the body in its attempt to repair itself.
Treatment in Ayurveda consists of: Panchakarma (purification or cleansing of the body), herbs, yoga, mantras, gemstones, color therapy, sound therapy using classical ragas, dietary manipulation to balance the doshas, fasting, meditation etc. Treatment is individualized to the person and not the disease. Whereas in allopathic medicine, two patients with arthritis will usually get the same treatment, its not so in Ayurveda.
Panchakarma is employed to eliminate toxins from the body. Massages using oil and herbs, enemas, nasal purgation and induced vomiting are some of the methods used. I remember as a child being taken by my parents for treatment to a local Ayurveda center and the doctors there would make me drink tons of water then come up from behind and press my upper abdomen and all the water would come out. Although disconcerting at first, I did feel really cleaned out afterwards. However, do not try this at home. It can only be done under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician. Oil or water enemas are used depending on the imbalance present. I would not recommend getting treatment from someone who has taken a two month crash course in Ayurveda. These people can do more harm than good. The idea behind panchakarma is to open the channels and begin getting rid of the accumulated toxins. It can be very effective in getting rid of the chemicals that we are polluting our bodies (and our planet) with, in our so-called modern society.
In Ayurveda, the underlying philosophy is a reverence for all life. Therefore herbs are grown, cultivated and harvested with respect, reverence and purity in mind with the result that the healing effects of such herbs are powerful and in tune with nature. Remember the four sheaths that cover the soul. According to Ayurveda each sheath can be healed with different methods. The physical body can be healed by a vata, pitta or kapha pacifying diet, herbal treatment and yogic exercises. The astral body by the use of herbs, pranayama, color, sound, gemstones magnets (and homeopathy works at this level also). Mantras and meditation reach the causal body. Remember the Yamas and Niyamas mentioned in an earlier chapter, they also form a part of Ayurvedic healing because a person cannot be completely healed unless he lives a life of righteousness including cleanliness of the body as well as the mind. Therefore your behavior also affects your health whether you like it or not. I am not just talking about smoking, drinking, drugs etc., which have obvious health consequences but also behaviors that are motivated by greed for example or selfishness, jealousy etc. The in dwelling Lord sees and makes note of everything. There are people who are motivated by wrong desires but they bamboozle those around them into thinking that their motives are pure. The inner soul, which is the same indweller in all, knows. You cannot fool Him. That is why Ayurveda places a lot of emphasis on inner purity. A lot of illnesses are first created in the mind. We are not victims of some random event. Everything has a reason, a lesson, perhaps a teaching.
Ayurveda also consults a person’s astrological chart for indications regarding tendencies to certain diseases, timing, karmic burdens etc. sometimes certain prayers can be said to mitigate otherwise incurable illnesses.

The body, not the Self, is touched
O Arjuna! By cold and heat, –
By pleasure and by pain besmirched:
They come and go! Endure and greet
Them, Bharata! So be thou brave
And know thou this, O prince of men!
Whoso to these is not a slave
Is an immortal citizen!
The Gita by T.L. Vaswani

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