Humans are Biological Beings

This essay is addressed to all the people in the world, including “food scientists,” farmers, “food industry” giants, and just plain old ordinary human beings.
Somewhere along the way in the last century, an idea entered the world – an erroneous idea – that man was capable of screwing around with Mother Nature and getting it right. This idea is captured in the slogan “better living through chemistry,” a slogan given to us by DuPont* in 1939, a time when it seemed that fledgling science really might help solve the problems of this planet, feed the masses, cure diseases, make our lives better. Scientists have certainly experimented away on us, “progressing” from creating our foods in the laboratory to now gene-tampering with our foods, so that with each decade we have moved further and further away from natural food sources. Foods on our supermarket shelves contain lists of chemicals, not real food. They contain non-food additives, preservatives, fillers, colors, false tastes and smells which, taken together, look like food, but are not food and do not nourish us.
[*DuPont is a multi-product chemical company, making everything from explosives and munitions to Teflon, herbicides, refrigerants, high-tech coatings, nonwoven fibers, and much more. The phrase “better living through chemistry” was dropped from their company slogan in 1980. The use of that phrase in this essay does not specifically reference DuPont, but all modern industrial activity based on similar thinking.]
Today, some 60 or 70 years later, it is very clear that “better living through chemistry” has actually turned out to be one of the worst ideas ever conceived. We have poisoned the planet with our industrial chemicals, in exchange for which we now have more “stuff,” but we are not living better (although we are living longer). We are actually very unhealthy through much of that longer lifespan. We are far more unhealthy than our grandparents. Our obese, autistic, ADD, allergic, asthmatic and diabetic populations are enormous, way out of proportion to our total population. We are cancerous, hypertensive, mentally ill, prone to heart disease, ulcers, and new mystery neurological conditions which are likely the result of enviro-toxins created by synergistic combinations of chemicals in our environment that have been ignorantly unleashed upon us by those “better living through chemistry” geniuses, who were so smart they didn’t have a clue what they were doing.
Somewhere along the way in this march to the scientific/chemical future we forgot that we are natural biological beings, that our bodies, our physical vehicles, are entirely natural to this earth, as natural – and in the SAME way – as a squirrel or a bird. Our bodies have an innate chemistry that cannot be successfully subjected to manipulation, although our “food scientists” and “chemists” have tried to manipulate it. The result of those manipulations is disease, imbalances in our guts, our blood, and our brains.
Where did we get the idea that our body, a natural biological system, could be fed unnatural, non-biological ingredients through our food, air, and water, and that it would somehow be able to transmute those unnatural substances, hundreds of which are poisons, into the ingredients that create health?
Where did we get the idea that we are somehow NOT natural? Even if one accepts the idea that we are genetically engineered beings, our biology is still Earth biology. We come out of this planet. We are in sync with this planet. We need the natural substances of this planet in order to survive in a state of health.
Where is the evidence that science has been able to achieve anything positive in regard to our physical beings, other than mechanical manipulations? Sure, medical science can give you a titanium hip, but it absolutely does not understand how the chemistry of the body works. Most doctors don’t know anything at all about nutrition. They don’t know what foods are good or bad for you. They don’t know what makes people healthy. They don’t know how the body heals itself. They invent products that will eliminate a woman’s menstrual cycle but have no idea how body chemistry will be affected by this disruption of natural hormone balances. The whole-body system is a precisely balanced mechanism that they don’t understand. Science now tells us that menopause is a “condition,” when it is actually a phase in the process of the body’s biological life, just as puberty is. Neither of those things is a “condition.” Both are natural periods of transformation, metamorphosis, when we move from one stage of life to another in the unfolding of our biological pattern that is millions of years old.
In our search for everlasting youth, an unnatural state, we deny the wisdom of the body and try to force it into unnatural chemical arrangements through drugs and therapies that are antagonistic to the body. In the end they all fail because the processes of nature are more intelligent, cohesive, balanced, and intricate than anything scientific tinkerers will ever be able to conceive. The tinkerers never get it right. That’s why there are so many ridiculous side effects to modern medicines – because they didn’t get it right, and they won’t get it right. It is unbelievable to think that a nasal spray, that is meant to relieve your allergy symptoms but may also give you a nasal fungus or cataracts, is the best our science can do! It is foolish to put faith in these experiments. That’s all they are: multi-million dollar experiments with our health.
Nature has it right. What we need to do is develop a holistic understanding of the wisdom of nature, not by taking it apart in the laboratory and thinking that by identifying the individual components we then understand what makes it work. That has never been the right answer. The complex synergies of natural chemistries are tossed out the window in that approach. No one understands them. We are only left with the mistakes of the laboratory, the partial solutions, and the terrible side effects, because this kind of chemistry always gets it wrong.
Despite the fact that scientists now know all this, as I look around I see us continuing to try to move further and further from nature. This is a mistake. There is nowhere to go, especially if what we have seen so far from “better living though chemistry” is any indication of our success in this regard. The further we move from nature, the more wrong we get it. Time has not improved the statistics. We don’t get it right in 2007 any more often than we did in 1939. Hasn’t anyone noticed this? There is something basically wrong with our scientific and chemical thinking. It’s the wrong road, which, of course, is why so many of science’s answers are wrong, meaning unsuccessful, partial or total failures – our “food science,” our pharmaceuticals, our industrial chemicals, etc., which only “succeed” by causing failures somewhere else – in the environment, our health, our minds and bodies.
Examples: The folderol and argument about whether Red Dye #2 is harmful to humans; all the arguments made by the “food industry” that preservatives, sodium nitrite, are good for you; mercury in our children’s vaccines; fluoride and chlorine in our water; aspartame; pesticide residues in food – clearly none of this is natural and cannot nourish a natural living system, i.e., a human body.
Has The Matrix and cyber-think mislead us into believing that we can put outlets in our heads, wire our brains, plug into our computers and become cyborgs? Well, OK, but what do cyborgs eat?
Our bodies are not garbage converters. Our bodies are not the DeLorian vehicle from Back to the Future that converts garbage to energy. It doesn’t work that way. That is pure fantasy. No amount of tinkering will make it work that way. The only thing that results from tinkering is imbalance. Our bodies have a precise chemistry that only works in pre-set ways, and only produces health when specific natural nutritional components are supplied to it. There is no other way it works. It baffles me why “chemists” and “scientists” don’t understand this. Nothing good has resulted for our physical beings from “better living through chemistry,” so why do we continue down this path? Why are there still arguments about any of this?
Every time one arrives at the big “Why?” question which seems to defy common sense, as in this case, the usual answer is that someone is heavily monetarily invested in an erroneous path and will continue on that path because it makes money, no matter how erroneous the path is or how much harm is done to humans. This of course is completely illogical, but money will always make its own rationalizations and excuses and is not very often traveling in company with common sense. So it is entirely up to the individual to understand this issue and make choices that defy the system, the science, and the chemists. Your great-grandmother understands it better than these geniuses do.
The best possible thing every person on this planet can do is to eat organic foods, grow your own if you can, buy them even though they are more expensive. Avoid GM foods of all kinds. Avoid all pre-packaged, time-saving foods whose ingredients you cannot pronounce or are not natural. Drink distilled water. Try not to breathe.
It is my hope that some individuals will revise their thinking on this issue, become natural humans again and think of themselves that way, which re-establishes a loving connection with the Earth rather than being divorced from and in conflict with it. It is my hope that these “new humans” will actively lobby against all governmental support of the unnatural substances that the food and pharmaceutical industries continue to come up with.
You are a natural biological being. Honor that. Do not follow any advice from anyone that violates this principle!
In health,
Francesca Caigatti
(Francesca has no credentials of any kind other than being an educated, intelligent, living being on this Earth.)