Office Forms & Policies

Office Policies ( Adobe PDF Document )

  1. It is the patient’s responsibility to get a referral from this office PRIOR to a visit to a participating specialist. No referrals will be given after the appointment has occurred. All Referrals to other providers will now require 5 business days to be processed.
  2. All forms which require completion and signature by Dr. Bakhru will now require 5 business days to process. There is also a $10 Form Fee which must be paid when you pickup the form.
  3. All phone calls to Dr. Bakhru will be returned only if the caller leaves a specific request or question for the doctor. Phone calls will be returned at the convenience and availability of Dr. Bakhru and her schedule. If you have “Call Blocking: you must inactivate this feature before the doctor can return your call.
  4. This office will contact patients to inform them when Referrals and forms are available to be picked up. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THIS OFFICE REPEATEDLY. This slows us down and takes Dr. Bakhru away from her other patients who are in the office.
  5. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may any patient enter the Examination are without an appointment and the approval of Dr. Bakhru or the office manager. This is due to HIPPPA regulations and patient confidentiality.
  6. Prescriptions and prescription refills MUST BE obtained during regular business hours and must be obtained in person by the patient. Please do not wait until you take your last pill to schedule an appointment. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.