The Poisoning of Humanity Part one

The Poisoning of Humanity

Part one

I am a doctor of Internal Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. I have been in practice for 18 years. Being naturally inclined to thirst after knowledge, I have continued to read, study and expand my horizons. Not satisfied with Medical Textbooks alone, I also have extensively delved into Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Environmental and Functional Medicine.
When I was sixteen years old, I got my first root canal and filling. My father took me to the best dentist in town and I came back sporting two amalgam fillings. I had no idea then, that amalgam was more than 50% mercury. A few months later I had the first sinus infection of my life. I made no corelation with the fillings. Over the years there was a gradual almost imperceptible decline in my health. I would get up in the morning, tired, unrefreshed. I felt vaguely achy. I attributed it to overwork and stress and continued to push myself. Then I developed headaches. In my study of Environmental Medicine, I learned that Amalgam was 50% Mercury and was toxic, I still did not make the connection with my health. I thought vaguely that someday I would have the amalgams taken out but not yet. To get it done right cost thousands of dollars.
Then I read Hal Huggins book Uninformed consent and there, in between the pages of his book was me! I was finally motivated to do something. I sought out a biological dentist and in a single setting had all the amalgam removed. The next morning, for the first time in 20 years, I woke up refreshed as I used to feel in my childhood. No aches, no pains, no fatigue and no more headache.
Mercury is the most toxic heavy metal on the planet. Even in the so called bound form in amalgam, it vaporizes, it leaches, it travels to the brain, the heart, the thyroid, the liver, the kidneys, the connective tissue. It was first put in use in the 1800’s. Leukemia was first reported a few years after amalgam was put into widespread use as a dental filling material. It is curious that with all the strides that were made, in the field of Medicine and Dentistry they continued to use this material. Amalgam is treated as a toxic waste after it is removed from the fillings. It is treated as a hazardous material by the dentist and his staff. Yet it is apparently OK to put it into peoples mouths. Many dental offices let the water with the removed amalgam just wash into the sewer system after which it ends up in our rivers and oceans.
Dr. Huggins says that Hypertension and Heart disease are actually caused by heavy metal poisoning from mercury. The body tries to marginalize the mercury by raising the cholesterol levels and closing the mercury off in plaques that line the arterial walls. So, Hyperlipidemia is a symptom not the disease itself according to him. There is plenty of evidence that heavy metal chelation for heart disease works. Many cardiologists have now got into the act whereas before only maverick doctors were performing heavy metal chelation. If there was no heavy metal there in the first place, then why would chelation work?
But, that is not all. Mercury was and is also being used as a preservative for vaccines, eyedrops etc. Under the name thimerosol. Who would have guessed? Name changing is a wonderful thing. You can hide a lot of poisons if you just change their name. MSG becomes natural flavor, mercury becomes amalgam etc etc. After the State of California banned the use of thimerosol in vaccines, their Autism rate declined.
As for me, I am grateful that biological dentists exist. I am grateful to wake up in the morning and feel like a sixteen year old. I have no anger and I harbor no hatred for the time in my life that I lost to sickness and pain. Pain motivated me to question authority, to look deeper, beneath the superficial and search out the Truth.