Since I have been seeing Dr. Bakhru regularly, I have gradually been feeling better. Not just physically but I have a feeling of well-being. I still have some unanswered questions but I feel in time they will surface and I will be that much better. For as long as I can remember I never felt well. No matter what doctor I would go to, there was never anything they could find wrong with me. I knew something wasn’t right and that I was too young to feel this way. Well, thanks to Dr. Bakhru we have discovered many food allergies. Now, I stay away from these foods and take the remedies provided by Dr. Bakhru I feel so much better and believe I am on my way to a better life.

I have had such a great experience with the energy medicine that I brought my 19 year old son to see Dr. Bakhru because of some rage issues. After the session he was a different person. He immediately opened up to me about some past issues that were weighing heavy on his mind which may have been causing some of his rage. He went alone to his second session and requested that she help him quit smoking. Its 10 weeks later and he still has not picked up a cigarette and hasn’t had any cravings. He has more energy and his outlook on life is better.

Energy Medicine provides answers. I would, and do, recommend this to everyone.

My daughter had a long history of illness since the day after she was born. As a holistic nutritionist, I had done many things to improve her health, but the scars left from years of fear of not being able to breath, “Am I going to die”, tons of needles and numerous ER visits had left her with much anxiety and emotional issues. We began working with Dr. Bakhru using numerous Australian remedies and gradually she began to open up to us more, become much more affectionate and then finally more confident. This past month she announced she was going to try out for the school musical. She would be happy if she just made the chorus. This is a child with a beautiful voice but who had refused to sing in front of her family, let alone an audience! She did it and low and behold, she is the lead now. She still struggles with learning issues, but Dr. Bakhru continues to work with her and we see that “light at the end of the tunnel”. I have brought numerous clients to her office as well. I find that I can spend months with a client eliminating this food and that trying to pinpoint the exact culprit I feel is causing a health issue, but when they see her, I know within one hour what the culprit(s) is and can create a program around that for my client. The time we spend is a fraction of what it would have been and the results are terrific.

K. B. – Holistic Nutritionist

While working on my doctorate in Holistic Nutrition, I read Candice Pert’s “Molecules of Emotions“. It reaffirmed that the mind is in the body and that traumatic events are carried from peptides through the body where they land on receptors attached to organs. I knew that I still had some deep scars from a very traumatic childhood that were affecting my current health and my responses to life events. I was amazed that Dr. Bakhru, on the very first visit zeroed in not only on the fact that something traumatic had occurred but the exact age it occurred and what it had done to me on a deep emotional level. The changes have been wonderful and have had a powerful affect on my professional life as well as personal life.

K. B. – Holistic Nutritionist

Im 18 years old and had been suffering from fibromyalgia,candida infection,chronic severe migraines,leg pain,clogged ears,back pain,neck pain,boils,stomach tightness and pain,blurry vision,tons of allergies,daily anxiety,stuffy nasal passages,acid reflux,insomnia and tingling sensations on my face since I was 10.Over the past 8 years I have been in and out of chiropractors,emergency rooms,mri’s,catsans,neuroligists,and countless bloodtests.I was bedridden 85 percent of the time and homeschooled(homeschooling was a true blessing from the Lord,I wouldnt have been able to graduate). The point is for 8 looooong years The answers from “good” doctors were “Its all in you’re head”,Its stress”,you’re body is changing and growing”, and worst of all “Theres nothing we can do for you.”If you have heard any of those answers you can be in the right place with energy testing.It surely saved my life. Ive been going for energy testing with Dr. Bakhru (a.k.a a LIFE SAVER!) since november and it is almost march at this point and I am not bedridden anymore! I am still on my way to recovery and am allergic to many many foods but I dont have the horrid pain an pounding in my head anymore(I never had one minute or one day of relief for 8 years)! My skin has amazingly cleared up,from being covered in huge boils,and my confidence has been almost completely restored.PLEASE TRY IT! NOTHING AND NO DOCTOR COULD HELP ME FOR THE LONGEST TIME,I WAS STUCK WITH NO ANSWERS,BUT NOW MY LIFE IS CHANGING DAY BY DAY! My mom for being there for me praying and crying with me just about every night and being the bestest friend! My brothers for putting up with me and loving me through evrything I have encountered,my amazing boyfriend for looking past a pale bedridden face an body and calling me his princess, And most of all My Lord and saviour for providing answers for me. – C. G.

Thank you for seeing me yesterday, the session was incredible. Trying to explain to people the metamorphosis that takes place in that chair is impossible. I still need to cry and can’t.